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Product range

Whose products range include:

1) Preemie

2) Swaddlers

3) Cruisers


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Jigyasa Biz quiz – Review

An excellent quiz conducted by team KQA at TISS. Prelims has 36 questions and cutoff was 21.5. We missed some sitters and deserved to be settled in audience. 6 teams qualified for the finals all of them and as expected usual suspects were on stage. Rajiv and Mitesh topped the prelims by scoring 28 closely followed by Amit and Rohan.
Some of the prelim questions

1) Identify the lady. No points for guessing the gentleman.

2) This car was the East Germany’s answer to VW Beetle. Featured as one of the 50 worst cars by Time Magazine, it was powered by two stroke pollution generator

3) Though Avatar generated most revenues by a film, it is not at the top when ranked in terms of number of tickets sold. Another film produced in 1939 topped the list. Avatar ranked as low as 26. Which film

4) Identify the name of this Airbus Cargo model which was initially named as Super transporter

5) Which brand’s acronym comprising the initials of the founder’s name, the farm where he grew up, and his home parish


1) Sofia Coppola. Gentleman in picture – Francis Ford Coppola

2) Trabby or Trabant

3) Gone with the wind

4) Beluga Airbus


Finals was a very interesting one too. 2 rounds of 20 questions – infinite bounce and 2 set of 8 questions (Theme based).  Entire quiz was a high scoring one and the teams battled till the last question. At the end it was a tie between Rajiv’s team and Sumant’s team followed very closely by Rohan and Amit Pandeya. Tie-breaker round was won by Rajiv’s team.

Some suggestions to the organizers:

It was very early morning for all the quizzers. Could have postponed by an hour or 2.

Some questions from the finals:

1) 100000 peso notes were printed by Phillipines Government. Collector’s item was sold at 180000 pesos. What is its distinction

2) This building is the Comcast center in Philadelphia. Identify its distinction

3) On March 5th, 1960 the iconic image was imprinted on a roll of Kodak Plus-X pan film. Perhaps this picture is the most celebrated pics of kodal plus-x pan film


1) Rajiv Rai’s team

2) Sumant Srivatsan’s team

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Indian Enterpreneur

Identify the guy in the pic:

Hint: His companies ads are famous for their irritating noise.

Answer to the previous question: What You See Is What You Get

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